MCZ Group in numbers



million euro as of
31 December 2018



people working
with us



percentage of turnover abroad

We are used to working
with the knowledge that
what we did yesterday
will not be enough tomorrow

Giacomo Zanette, MCZ Group President

Our customers

100.000i nostri clienti

families who chose an MCZ Group product in 2018

Our sustainability

9.365energia pulita

million kWh of self-generated renewable energy (thermal/electric)

Our commitment


hours of safety training in 2018


The Reflex stove by Michael Geldmacher for MCZ: the invisible essential

Let’s take a closer look at the project of Reflex stove by talking to those directly involved, the designer Michael Geldmacher and Andrea Brosolo, Marketing Manager of MCZ Group.

The pursuit of well-being

An American-style villa on the outskirts of Venice boasts a swimming pool and two wood-burning fireplaces of MCZ Plasma collection that recreate the perfect atmosphere all year round.

Renovations: why choose an MCZ system?

When it comes to renovations, the ideal heating system must be efficient, eco-friendly and possibly also attractive, in the broadest sense of the term. Stoves and fireplaces are a smart, sustainable and an aesthetically pleasing choice in every respect.