MCZ Group in numbers



million euro as of
31 December 2022



people working
with us



percentage of turnover abroad

Aggregate figures for MCZ Group SpA and subsidiaries

We are used to working
with the knowledge that
what we did yesterday
will not be enough tomorrow

Giacomo Zanette, MCZ Group President

Our customers

100.000i nostri clienti

families who chose an MCZ Group product in 2021

Our sustainability

9.365energia pulita

million kWh of self-generated renewable energy (thermal/electric)

Our commitment

3.430 formazione

hours of safety training in 2022


MCZ Group Première 2021

At a virtual event for dealers, the Group previewed the new products for 2021 and announced a major investment plan. MCZ managed to virtually gather together hundreds of dealers from all over Europe by hosting an event that cast a spotlight on the commitment, inspiration and passion involved in designing the new 2021 models.

Sergio Leoni: fabulous stoves since 1961

In 2021, Sergio Leoni brand celebrates its 60th anniversary: throughout all these years, it has created stoves designed to last for a long time and to embellish all kinds of spaces, from the more traditional ones to contemporary and minimalist spaces.

Fire according to Emo design: 10 years of collaboration with MCZ Group

Among the designers who work with MCZ Group, there are world-famous designers and young professionals. Among them Emo design stands out: it is a design studio based near Venice with a cosmopolitan spirit.