MCZ Group in numbers



million euro as of
31 December 2019



people working
with us



percentage of turnover abroad

We are used to working
with the knowledge that
what we did yesterday
will not be enough tomorrow

Giacomo Zanette, MCZ Group President

Our customers

102.500i nostri clienti

families who chose an MCZ Group product in 2019

Our sustainability

9.365energia pulita

million kWh of self-generated renewable energy (thermal/electric)

Our commitment


hours of safety training in 2018


Stefano Gallucci is the new managing director of MCZ Group: “We have the team, the projects and the tools required to face the new scenario”

Stefano Gallucci, born in 1965, has been appointed at the helm of MCZ Group following the resignation announced in December 2019 of Walter Breda as of April 30th, 2020. A full interview is available in the press release.

MCZ and Sergio Leoni in Progetto Fuoco 2020

MCZ Group has chosen the fair Progetto Fuoco in Verona to present the 2020 products, all in the name of a more comfortable, more beautiful and greener pellet or wood heating.

Progetto Fuoco 2020 (Veronafiere, 19-22 February): MCZ presents Groove, the first stove with the innovative “Core” technology

The pellet heating industry will take a decisive leap forwards with “Core” technology, which is the result of extensive research aimed at optimising combustion from three points of view: aesthetics, comfort and the environment.