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Waiting for “Progetto Fuoco”: MCZ retraces the steps of its journey through design

Without revealing the news for the upcoming season, MCZ retraces the turning points that have marked the last few years and that have enabled it to stand out on the market for its focus on design.

The magic of fire meets the eclectic insipiration of Paola Navone: “Sahara” by MCZ is the result.

“What fascinates me about fire is its universal connection with people everywhere and through all ages. That is why I was interested in the experience of ‘clothing’ it with my contemporary and slightly nomadic approach to design”, Paola Navone said. Let’s take a closer look at the project with an interview to the designer.

The Wall stove by Patricia Urquiola for MCZ: An architectural element with a focus on environmental sustainability

“The idea for this stove was to create an architectural element that would blend in with the interior of the house where it is installed”. Patricia Urquiola tells in this way the project of Wall, the pellet stove designed for MCZ brand.

The Reflex stove by Michael Geldmacher for MCZ: the invisible essential

Let’s take a closer look at the project of Reflex stove by talking to those directly involved, the designer Michael Geldmacher and Andrea Brosolo, Marketing Manager of MCZ Group.

The pursuit of well-being

An American-style villa on the outskirts of Venice boasts a swimming pool and two wood-burning fireplaces of MCZ Plasma collection that recreate the perfect atmosphere all year round.

Renovations: why choose an MCZ system?

When it comes to renovations, the ideal heating system must be efficient, eco-friendly and possibly also attractive, in the broadest sense of the term. Stoves and fireplaces are a smart, sustainable and an aesthetically pleasing choice in every respect.

New, more sustainable buildings with MCZ heating systems

Newly built houses are designed to combine maximum efficiency with energy savings. Are stoves and fireplaces suitable for this purpose?

All Souls of Fire: the MCZ group event featuring the launch of the new 2019 designs attracted great interest

Just before the Milan Design Week, “All Souls of Fire”, the convention by MCZ Group was held on Sunday 31 March and Monday 1 April and was attended by more than 800 people at “The Mall” in Milan.

MCZ teams up with Patricia Urquiola, Paola Navone and Michael Geldmacher to offer a new approach on the theme of “fire”

As a preview to the Salone del Mobile, the new products created by the three designers for the Italian company were presented at The Mall in Milan.

Club, Ego, Musa, Star and Suite: the best-selling stoves turn 10 years old (and don’t look it)

First launched in 2009, MCZ’s five pellet stoves Club, Ego, Musa, Star and Suite were an instant success.

Stove or fireplace: which is the best choice?

The first thing you need to do is to get a clear idea and understand what you really need. Here are some questions that can help you choose.

Cooking and heating with Moderna, the new collection of range cookers by J.Corradi

J.Corradi launches a new collection characterized by a contemporary design, which combines endless cooking options with the possibility to heat.

MCZ technologies to make fire a real pleasure

In the stove and fireplace industry, MCZ is the brand that, more than any other, has focused on innovation by launching a large number of patents and innovative technologies.

MCZ news 2018: why we need to choose tomorrow’s heating solutions today

MCZ Group presents in 2018 new products that ensure the highest levels of sustainability and efficiency.

MCZ Group: the profile of the European lady of fire in the words of its President, Giacomo Zanette

Giacomo Zanette is the main responsible for the extraordinary growth of MCZ Group, which has now reached a turnover of 100 million after starting with just 8.3 million euros in 2002.

Green building in Bretagne with pellet heating by MCZ

This project focuses on the creation of a winter garden in a private house, completely eco-friendly and heated by a single little pellet stove.

Pellets or wood to heat the home: ecology and savings, but with two different “styles”

The choice between pellets and wood highly depends on the person’s lifestyle and character, but not only. Economic aspects and structural or space limits are also important and should be taken into consideration.

MCZ stoves and fireplaces for every room of the house

With minimal or decorative lines, different shapes and the latest technology, stoves and fireplaces can be the focal point in any room of the house.