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MCZ news 2018: why we need to choose tomorrow’s heating solutions today

MCZ Group presents in 2018 new products that ensure the highest levels of sustainability and efficiency.

MCZ Group: the profile of the European lady of fire in the words of its President, Giacomo Zanette

Giacomo Zanette is the main responsible for the extraordinary growth of MCZ Group, which has now reached a turnover of 100 million after starting with just 8.3 million euros in 2002.

Green building in Bretagne with pellet heating by MCZ

This project focuses on the creation of a winter garden in a private house, completely eco-friendly and heated by a single little pellet stove.

Pellets or wood to heat the home: ecology and savings, but with two different “styles”

The choice between pellets and wood highly depends on the person’s lifestyle and character, but not only. Economic aspects and structural or space limits are also important and should be taken into consideration.

MCZ stoves and fireplaces for every room of the house

With minimal or decorative lines, different shapes and the latest technology, stoves and fireplaces can be the focal point in any room of the house.